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Acacia Tree is a tree added by ExtrabiomesXL. Acacia Wood Planks are paler in comparison to the standard vanilla Oak planks. Acacia Trees can be found in Savanna biomes.

Acacia is also a tree from 1.8 vanilla if your looking for this click here.

Bugs Edit

  • It has been reported that Treecapitator doesn't allow them to drop Acacia Saplings and that breaking the leaves prior to chopping down may be necessary in order to
    Ss (2013-11-30 at 03.16.42)

    The saplings seem very rare, but chopping the leaves makes them drop, too.

    replant the Acacia Trees.


  • It appears that the leaves of Acacia Trees are always sideways.
  • Minecraft's Biome Update (1.7) adds these trees into vanilla minecraft.
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