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Alkahest is an item added by Xeno's Reliquary. When used with vanilla items, the Alkahest will attempt to destroy them in exchange for their Alkahestry reagents: Redstone, Lapis Lazuli or Lapis Lazuli Blocks. Common items such as dirt or gravel will not give reagents unless they are used with the Alkahest by the stack—crafting less than the amount necessary to produce a single reagent item will simply waste the materials.

Alkahests can also be looted from battle towers.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Tome of Alkahest

Nether Star

Nether Star

Dragon Egg


Note: Attempting to use the Uncrafting Table from the Twilight Forest mod will not yield any items in the uncrafting grid, due to the fact that any combination of materials with the Alkahest that are insufficient to create a new item will simply give you back the Alkahest, resulting in multiple recipes for the item.

Uses[edit | edit source]

When placed into a crafting table with a stack of a certain item, the Alkahest will transform it into various amounts of redstone or lapis lazuli:

Input Amount Output Amount
Cobblestone 64 Redstone 1
Dirt 64 Redstone 1
Gravel 64 Lapis Lazuli 1
Sand 64 Redstone 1
Wood 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Netherrack 64 Redstone 1
Nether Brick 64 Redstone 1
Soul Sand 64 Lapis Lazuli 1
End Stone 64 Redstone 1
Wool 64 Lapis Lazuli 1
Melon (Block) 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Diamond 64 Lapis Lazuli Block 128
Iron Ingot 64 Lapis Lazuli 128
Gold Ingot 64 Lapis Lazuli Block 32
Gunpowder 64 Lapis Lazuli 32
Flint 64 Lapis Lazuli 1
Netherwart 64 Redstone 2
Pumpkin Seeds 64 Redstone 2
Melon Seeds 64 Redstone 2
Potato 64 Lapis Lazuli 1
Carrot 64 Lapis Lazuli 1
Wheat 64 Redstone 2
Seeds 64 Redstone 1
Sugar Cane 64 Redstone 1
Sugar 64 Redstone 1
Blaze Rod 64 Lapis Lazuli 4
Blaze Powder 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Slimeball 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Rotten Flesh 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Raw Fish 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Cooked Fish 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Feather 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
String 64 Redstone 1
Spider Eye 64 Lapis Lazuli 1
Bone 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Magma Cream 64 Lapis Lazuli 4
Egg 16 Redstone 1
Leather 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Raw Porkchop 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Cooked Porkchop 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Raw Beef 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Steak 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Raw Chicken 64 Lapis Lazuli 2
Cooked Chicken 64 Lapis Lazuli 2

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It always has enchantment glow on it.
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