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An Alter of Souls surrounded by Soul Crucibles.

The Altar of Souls is a mystic construction very similar to an enchantment table, but with ender pearls instead of diamonds.

Instead of a regular book, a Book of Shadows is required instead in the top slot of the crafting grid, which can be made with a book, a feather, a gold ingot, and a filled Soulkeeper.

It must have a Soul Crucible 2 blocks away from it, or it will not draw souls from it. 


It is used to turn Iron Ingots into Livingmetal Ingots and Wool of any color into Soulweave.

Both will cost 5 souls per Ingot or piece of Wool to do so.

You can also "Attune" book for 100 souls to make Enchanted book with Soul-based enchant.


The materials that are needed to construct the Altar of Souls is 4 Obsidian, 2 Ender Pearls and a Book of Shadows

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Ender Pearl


Book of Shadows



Ender Pearl


Altar of Souls


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    If torches (or any other block) is placed like in the picture above the altar will not draw souls.

    When you place something in the way, like a torch between the Alter of Souls and the Soul Crucible, 1 block above ground the Alter of Souls will not draw souls from the Soul Crucible.
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