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Alumite Processing

Solid and molten Alumite in Casting Basins.

Alumite is an alloy added by Tinkers' Construct that can be made in a Smeltery. To make it, one must melt 1 Obsidian, 2 Iron ore, and 5 Aluminum ore in a smeltery. This can then be poured into the desired cast. Always be sure that enough liquid for the tool part is in the bottom of the smeltery.

Crafting Edit

To produce 48mB of Alumite, 80mB of Aluminum, 32mB of Iron, and 32mB of obsidian are needed. This is a 5:2:2 ratio. (2 obsidian "ingots"; 1 obsidian makes 2 "ingots").

Tinkers' Construct Alloy Smeltery GUI.png

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Aluminum

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Iron

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Obsidian
Smeltery Liquid Alumite
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