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Ardite ore, block, pickaxe, ingot.

Ardite is a yellowish brownish ore. Its texture is like bedrock but with different colors. It is brown with yellow spots all over the ore. An image of the ore, block, pickaxe, and ingot is to the right.

How to ObtainEdit

The way to obtain Ardite is going to the Nether and mining it. It can be mined with an alumite, steel, cobalt, or Manyullyn pickaxe. However, another way to obtain Ardite is raiding Dungeons. In dungeons you have a chance to find Ardite ingots in the chests.


You can use Ardite to create Ardite tools which have high durability. Or you can use cobalt and put it in a Smeltery to make the strongest alloy in Tinker's Construct mod: Manyullyn .


  • Oddly enough, a mazebreaker, a livingmeatal pickaxe or Fiery Pick can break Ardite with ease. (Best when enchanted with Efficiency V)
  • A Fiery Pick's auto-smelt ability does not work on Ardite.
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