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Armor stand

Armor Stands. The left one is specific to Bibliocraft

The Armor Stand is an item found in Bibliocraft (and currently BetterStorage as well) that holds and displays one set of armor. Right-clicking the stand itself will display the UI. The UI shows the armor on the Armor Stand, the armor the player is currently wearing, and the player's inventory. There is another armor stand, and it is part of the Better Storage mod. Details on that Armor Stand can be found here

Comparison of the two armor stands. Bibliocraft stand on the right, BetterStorage on the left.


Right clicking the armor stand will open the GUI, both its respective slots for armor, as well as yours, for easier use. If you wish to 'Quick Swap' your armors, right click while holding Shift.

For example, if you're wearing the Monocle and wish to take a Kreknorite helmet off of the armor stand, leave your hand open and shift-right-click the helmet on the stand. The monocle will now be on the stand and the Kreknorite helmet will be on your character.

Backpacks can also be placed on the armor stand, however it does not display color or even differentiate between large and regular backpacks.


An Armor Stand equipped with Diamond Armor.

Wearing Reading GlassesTinted Glasses, the Monocle or any other headgear with the Reading enchantment will show the name of the armor, as well as any enchants currently affixed to the item.


Crafting GUI.png

Stone Slab

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Stone Slab

Stone Slab

Armor Stand (Bibliocraft)

Hexxit Armor Stand

Hexxit Armor Stand.

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