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The Armored Pigman is a hostile mob added by the Better Dungeons mod.  Although it looks like the vanilla zombie pigman, its behavior is similar to the Better Dungeons Walker. The level of the mob determines the material used for its weapons and armor:

Level 0 - Leather/Wood

Level 1 - Chain/Stone

Level 2 - Iron/Iron

Level 3 - Gold/Gold

Level 4 - Diamond/Diamond


The Armored Pigman spawns naturally in Better Dungeons Nether Cities.  They can also be spawned in creative mode using the "Pig Man" item (id 7607:108).


An idle Armored Pigman will sit and stand and also converse with other Armored Pigmen using image bubbles.  They will mount any cow or pig in range as a priority.  A mounted Armored Pigman has increased movement speed.  These mobs use the same AI as the Better Dungeons Walker and have many similar attacks and behaviours, such as defending with a shield and sneaking while aiming bows, Killing an Armored Pigman will not cause vanilla pigmen to attack.

There are nine types of Armored Pigman that can be spawned:

  • Defender - Armed with a sword
  • Grenadier - Uses essence grenades for ranged attacks
  • Healer - Heals comrades with a Healing Staff
  • Archer - Armed with a bow for ranged attacks
  • Bannerman - Uses its banner for attacks
  • Berserker - Armed with a Better Dungeons Bigsword
  • Ninja - Armed with a dagger
  • Spearman - Armed with a spear , has a knockback attack.  Cannot mount.
  • Hooker - Equipped with a HookShoot.

Natural Enemies[]

Aside from attacking players, an Armored Pigman will immediately attack any of the following mobs within range:


The boss mob for Armored Pigman castles is the Better Dungeons PigMage.