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Circle-style-warning.svg This article may not be 100% accurate due to an upcoming modpack version.
This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the LegendGear mod.

Augmented Swords are created by combining a sword with a charged medallion in the crafting grid to augment the sword with an additional offensive ability. Charge the sword by holding block, and unleash the attack by releasing block and swinging the sword when it's fully charged. Using the special attack consumes a percentage of the sword's durability, based on the material's enchantability rating; a gold sword will last for 100 activations, while an iron sword will last for 56 and a diamond sword will only last for 40. Choose your weapon wisely!

Augment: Earth Medallion: Creates a shockwave in the ground around you.

Augment: Fire Medallion: Launches a fireball directly ahead, igniting what it hits.

Augment: Wind Medallion: Launches a whirlwind ahead of you that carries creatures and objects with it.

Augment: Ender Medallion: Teleports you to a targeted living creature. You can block within the next 2.5 seconds to return to your starting position. Extreme care should be taken when using this augment, as it has been known to cause client crashes upon activation.