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The Golem at the top of every tower.

The Battle Towers mod adds many different dungeon-like towers with spawners on every floor guarding chests containing useful treasure.

When the player reaches the top of each Battle Tower a golem will spawn. You must kill the golem in order to officially defeat the tower and loot the chest at the top. Once the golem is killed, the tower will begin to collapse. If the player is on a floor below the golem, it will destroy the floors of the tower in its way in order to reach the player. In addition to the standard stone towers, there are also moss stone, ice, and nether towers.

Nether Tower floors are made of Soul Sand, and make it difficult to battle Skeletons without a bow.

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After the Golem is slain the tower is destroyed.

There are instances of Battle Towers going in reverse order. These towers are built exactly the same, sans windows. Without the window, this is easily identified as the reverse tower, since there is no other point of entry. They are sunk underground and the starting point is at the top of the tower, approximately 20-30 blocks from the ground. At the very bottom, the Golem will spawn and fight you from there. Upon defeat, you will get the tower crumbling message, though it is bugged and simply destroys the ground under the tower as if it were above ground.

There are several types of standard Overworld-materials battle towers: cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, smooth stone, ice, and sandstone. They are mostly identical.
Smooth Stone BT

Smooth stone Battle Tower.

The first type of ruined towers spawn with a mix of mossy and regular cobblestone with several holes in the walls (not just the regular windows actual holes) the loot is generally worse compared to regular battle tower. There is no golem guarding these towers

The second type of ruined tower spawns and appears to have already been conquered as it has only the bottom two floors left, much like a regular tower after its battle golem has been destroyed.



A Netherrack Battle Tower

The Netherrack towers are identical to the stonebrick towers except that the wall are made of Netherrack and the floors of Soul Sand. There is still a boss at the top and everything.


 *They spawn mostly in Tundra biomes.

  • Appear to be identical to standard towers, but with Ice walls and Clay Block flooring and no torches as that would melt the ice.
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    An Ice Battle Tower

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    The Floor of an Ice Tower


  • In Superflat, Battletowers can spawn more frequently, but they also can be very close each together.
  • If 2 Battletower golems are met, they fight agaist themselves, but it is a bit bugged because one isn't losing any HP and the second one is healing.
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    Battletower Golems fighting

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