Hello now I have read the battle tower hexxit wiki and it says the loots are hexical diamonds the special hexxit armor etc. But i would like to add more loot for instance here is a list: all medallions from legend gear,alkahlest (don't know the spelling) all staffs golden gyshals, and...... Well i will let you will soon discover the rest......(keepin em in suspense) the battle towers that commonly give this loot and more is one it is the reversed tower and this is off topic but i have noticed that some of you have lost your homes due to a battle tower spawning when leacing the nether or the twilight forest but i think that this happens rarely because i have been exploring in the nether and i came back my home was ok but i think what you can di is dig a hole in an ocean pool of water etc. and store all your loot in an underwater base so if a battle tower spawn on your base just mine under it and all your loot is saved and anotherr thing is to backup your world once a week like i do now go enjoy your new reverse tower loot its where i got most of my epic loot such as full scale armor and a midas touch and so on now go have fun and venture for the loot and maybe backup your world.