This page is for information about the Better Dungeons configuration file. This information may be found under the Configuration File called config.prop. Note that this file is under the folder Chocolate instead of the config folder.

Values Edit

Argument Name Default Description
dungeonSeparation 5 The minimum number of chunks between any two dungeons.
underworld 1 Disabled dungeons that are located at the bottom of the world. Set to 1 to enable.
jungleChunck 1 Caves found around layer 40 in the Jungle. Set to 0 to disable.
swampCaves 1 Caves found around layer 40 in the Swamp. Set to 0 to disable.
netherMountains 1 Caves found around the surface of the Nether. Set to 0 to disable.
mineshafts 1 Mineshafts found around layer 40 in the Overworld. Set to 1 to enable.
itemID 7351 The starting ID for items.
blockID 2001 The starting ID for blocks.
exporterEnabled 0 Set to 1 to enable the dungeon exporter. Which would allow the user to create their own dungeons to spawn later.
exporterBlockID 2321 The ID of the exporter block.
numMobsPerSpawner 1 How many mobs can spawn per spawner. Values less than 0 have been untested. Set to 0 to disable spawning.
dungeonsInFlat 1 Set to 1 to allow dungeons to spawn in a superflat world type.
disableItemsToSpawnDungeons false Set to true to disable the .prop spawn items.
enableCapsulesInSurvival true Set to false to remove Storage Capsule Stations from being sold by Villagers.

Default Config Edit

# For more configurations about dungeons look at dungeonConfig folder

#Minimum separation between dungeons (sepration defined in chunks
dungeonSeparation = 5
# Chunk caves, are caves/structures generated on each chunk(if the chunk is viable)set 0 to disable, 1 to enable
# Underworld caves, located at the bottom of the world around all the map
underworld = 0
# Jungle caves, located around layer 40 in jugle biomes
jungleChunck = 1
# Swamp caves, located around layer 40 in swamp biomes
swampCaves = 1
# Nether mountains, located on the nether surface
netherMountains = 1
# Tunnels spawn around all the world in a infinite line the chance is the aproximate distance between tunnels in chunks
# Abandoned mineshafts go around layer 40
mineshafts = 0
#First item ID
itemID = 7351
#First block ID
blockID = 2001

#Dungeons exporter.
#Set to 1 to enable dungeons exporter.
exporterEnabled = 0
#Exporter block starting id, uses 5 IDs(Only required if the exporter is enabled)
exporterBlockID = 2321

#Number of mobs spawned on one use spawners, if set to less than 0 will spawn only vanilla monsters.
numMobsPerSpawner = 1

#Generate dungeons on flat maps(basically mineshafts and floating dungeons)
dungeonsInFlat = 0
#disableItemsToSpawnDungeons: set to "true" to disable the items used to spawn dungeons
disableItemsToSpawnDungeons = true
#enableCapsulesInSurvival: if true the capsule station blick will be craftable or sold by villagers
enableCapsulesInSurvival = true