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Biome is a classification of area found in the vanilla Minecraft game. Mods, such as ExtrabiomesXL, add additional biomes to the game. Each biome comes with a differently generated terrain, mobs, weather, and plant life.

Vanilla Minecraft Edit

Vanilla Minecraft contains a total of 19 biomes, 12 of which are base biomes and the other 7 are technical biomes. The 12 base biomes of vanilla Minecraft are picked somewhat randomly, along with additional biomes added by mods, and in vanilla Minecraft cases, can be modified with the technical biomes to create various biome types that would not be possible without manually adding additional base biomes without the technical biomes acting as modifiers.

Base Biomes:

Technical Biomes:

ExtrabiomesXL Edit

For the main article, see ExtrabiomesXL#Biomes.

ExtrabiomesXL adds an additional 28 biomes to the game. They primarily expand upon existing vanilla Minecraft biomes by adding additional types of biomes that are not covered by vanilla Minecraft. ExtrabiomesXL also adds additional biomes that are completely original for the game and give the experience more life.

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