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Riding a Black Chocobo in a Wasteland biome

Black Chocobos are a type of Chocobo, which is a mob added by Chococraft. It is generally regarded as a Fourth Tier Chocobo, as it is created by breeding a Yellow (First Tier) and a White (Third Tier) Chocobo. Black Chocobos can be bred with White Chocobos to produce a Black, White, or  Gold Chocobo. A Gold Chocobo, which is Fifth Tier, can only be obtained if the player uses a Golden Gysahl  If the player uses a Loverly Gysahl, they will only be able to receive another white or black Chocobo.

Black Chocobos have the ability to jump very high, climb on land, and swim in water. They are also faster than their White cousins. They are the second-fastest Chocobo in the game, second only to the Gold Chocobo. Black Chocobos can be fed Melon Slices.