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Blaze is a mob added by vanilla Minecraft. They are yellow-skinned mobs that are capable of flight, firing rapid-fire fireballs at the player. Unlike a Ghast's fireballs, they do not explode upon impact with the player or terrain. Like many mobs from the Nether, they are immune to damage dealt by fire or lava.


Blazes are native to the Nether, and will only spawn at a light level of 11 or lower. They usually spawn in groups of 1-4 from spawners located in Nether Fortresses, but can spawn in the Overworld as well from spawners located in Battle Towers. With the addition of the Falling Meteors mod, Blazes can also spawn in groups of 0-2 from the impact of Kreknorite Meteors, adding to the already dangerous nature of the meteors.


Not counting damage taken from being set on fire by their fireballs, Blazes deal a base damage of 4 (2 hearts) on contact and 3 (one and a half hearts) from their fireballs.

Combat StrategyEdit

It is advised to use ranged weapons against Blazes, since their tendency to fly renders melee weapons useless. This method is not recommended if you're killing them for their Blaze rods, however, because of the possibility of the drop falling into lava or somewhere inaccessible. In confined spaces such as inside Battle Towers or Nether Fortresses, it is possible to fight them with a melee weapon, though it is much harder to dodge their fireballs at close range. Using potions of Fire Resistance or other methods of Fire Resistance is advised when taking them on up close. Snowballs can be used offensively against Blazes, since they take 3 damage (one and a half hearts) from them. If found in Battle Towers in the Overworld, the player can also pour water on the floor both as an offensive and defensive measure, as Blazes take one half heart of damage per second in it, and standing in it extinguishes the fire caused by their fireballs. However, this method impedes your movement, leaving you vulnerable to other mobs such as Skeletons, and the Blazes can simply fly over the water to attack you.

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