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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the More Bows! mod.

The Blazing Bow is a bow from the horrible pits of the Nether. With this bow, you can do double the damage of a normal bow, with almost half the draw speed, while setting your foes on fire! The fire lasts for 5 seconds/ticks, causing two and a half hearts of damage. The amount of durability is a bit odd, probably because the Devils number is 666.


Crafting GUI.png


Gold Ingot


Blaze Rod

Iron Bow

Blaze Rod

Blazing Bow


  • Drawback speed is 0.1 short of the speed of a crystal bow, making this as fast as a Legia bow.
  • These do not require the Flame enchant, as they already set fire to foes, making this the best bow for XP savers.

Bugs Edit

  • The blazing bow would normally take damage while unleashing a fire-lit arrow off the bat. But if used with the Quiver from the Better Dungeons mod that has arrows in it, and no arrows in your inventory, the quantity of arrows from your quiver will decrease, but the Blazing Bow will not take durability damage, and also the arrow shot will not be fire-lit.
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