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Block of Aluminum Brass

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|addedby=Tinkers' Construct
|addedby=Tinkers' Construct
|stackable=Yes (64)
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an item added by [[Tinkers' Construct]]. It is used as a storage block for [[Aluminum Brass]] but may be used as decoration as well.
|image = Block of aluminum brass ig.png}}
'''Block of Aluminum Brass''' is a block added by [[Tinkers' Construct]]. Block of Aluminum Brass is primarily used as a storage block for [[Aluminum Brass Ingot]]s but may also be used as decoration.
== Crafting ==
== Crafting ==
Block of Aluminum Brass cannot be crafted like vanilla Minecraft material blocks, but must be crafted by pouring 1296mB of [[Molten Aluminum Brass]] in a [[Casting Basin]] from a [[Smeltery]].
{{PAGENAME}} may not be crafted by using a [[Crafting Table]] with 9 [[Aluminum Brass Ingot]]s like most material blocks in vanilla Minecraft, instead a [[Smeltery]] must be used with a [[Casting Basin]], where 1296mB of [[Molten Aluminum Brass]] is poured into the Casting Basin to form a single {{PAGENAME}}. This will require a total of 9 Aluminum Brass Ingots, as if it were done from a Crafting Table.
== Uses ==
They may be broken down by the use of a [[Crafting Table]] to produce 9 [[Aluminum Brass Ingot]]s. With 4 Blocks of Aluminum Brass an Aluminum Brass-legged version of the [[Tool Forge]] can be crafted, which is purely aesthetic.
{{Bignav/Tinkers' Construct Blocks}}
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