Blood is a defaulted term used in Tinkers' Construct for liquid materials. The term is used for various incomplete or unnamed liquids such as:

  • Molten Ender

And is used for the following liquids for cross mod compatibility reasons:

  • Molten Silver
  • Molten Lead
  • Molten Nickel
  • Molten Platinum
  • Molten Invar
  • Molten Electrum

Molten Ender Edit

Molten Ender is craftable by smelting Ender Pearls in a Smeltery. It is also possible for an enderman to teleport into the smeltery and take damage, creating 1000mB of Molten Ender. However, Molten Ender cannot be extracted into a bucket but a bucket does exist for containing the liquid.

Every Ender Pearl smelted provides 250mB of Molten Ender, and every Block of Solid Ender provides 1000mB of Molten Ender.

Molten Ender can be used to craft Block of Solid Ender by pouring 1000mB of Molten Ender into a Casting Basin, and can craft End Stone by pouring 25mB of Molten Ender over Obsidian that was placed in a Casting Basin.

Every Ender Pearl may craft 10 End Stone blocks if enough Obsidian is available, although alternative methods using Soul Shard creation may be a better method to create End Stone.