A bloodwood tree

The Bloodwood is a tree that spawns in the nether via the Natura mod.

The tree is very large with a 2x2 trunk stemming more than 8 blocks down, the leaves are a deep red color, the trunk is a blotchy mostly orange color with other shades in there.

The wood provides 4x wooden planks and the tree and anything with the word bloodwood in its name are fire resistant (apart from tools), such as the Bloodwood Door (Bloodwood Blocks will still catch fire, but will go out after some time).

The wood also has its own set of tools. These are the highest durability tools of any of the Nether Trees.

This tree can be planted in the overworld by placing Tainted Soil or Netherrack high up off the ground and planting on the bottom of the block. Over time the sapling will grow into a full Bloodwood Tree like it would in the Nether.

Location[edit | edit source]

The tree is found in the nether growing upside-down from the ceiling of the dimension.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • If planted underground, they will grow normal, but any blocks in the way will clip it, causing a half-tree underground.
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