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Blue Slime Brick
Blue Slime Brick ig
ID 1316:11
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Decorative
Craftable Yes
Smeltable No
Is Fuel No
Tooltip Bouncy!
Added By Tinkers' Construct

Blue Slime Brick is a block added by Tinkers' Construct.

This block (or any type of slime block for that matter) causes the player to 'slide' while walking on it, and also causes the player to bounce while jumping. Players cannot jump up from a slime block to a normal nonslime block, this means players can make traps using these blocks by making a slime pit that's only one block deep. Any mob or player that falls in cannot jump out.


Trap made using any kind of slimy block, player or mob can't jump out from it.


Crafting GUI.png


Gelatinous Slime

Blue Slime Brick


Blue Fancy Slime Brick


  • It will bounce player that jump on it, however the max height of jumping is 4 block, player jumping from more than 4 block above will not be bounced up.


  • Blue Slime Brick (and any other slimy block), when walked on, will causes the player to sink. However, the player can walk away from the block without jumping, like block slabs.


  • It does not appear in NEI list.