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Circle-style-warning.svg This article may not be 100% accurate due to an upcoming modpack version.
This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the LegendGear mod.

The Bomb Bag is a tool that can be used to collect and throw bombs. It stores up to 50 bombs. Bombs can be harvested from Bomb Flowers by left clicking the bomb with the bag, to deactivate the bomb and then will auto-add to the bag if there is space available, after the bomb is picked up. Bombs are also obtained from Mystic Shrubs, under certain circumstances. Use the crafting table to remove bombs from the bag manually.

A bomb bag currently holding no bombs.


[[Image:Grid_Le Bomb Bag 1.png|32px|link=Le Bomb Bag 1|alt=Le Bomb Bag 1]]


Grid Bomb Bag 999.png
Grid Bomb Bag 1000.png

  • Using any method to cheat items in, you could give yourself a bomb bag with more than 50 bombs in it. The bomb bag uses the damage value to count bombs.
  • You can throw Bombs directly from the Bomb Bag by right-clicking with it in your hand. You don't need Bombs in your inventory to do this.


  • Don't place a bomb under you. If you do, the bomb could launch you upwards, and you might die f

    If a bomb explodes at your feet...

    rom the fall.
  • Lure your enemy near a bomb, and they will fly up and die from taking too much fall damage.