The Bomb Flower is a small blue plant that grows next to lava pools. They only grow on smooth stone or netherrack with lava adjacent to the block they're planted on. The plant itself can be harvested by breaking a fully grown Bomb Flower with a pair of shears.

Upon being punched, the flower will drop a small blue Bomb, which will consequently detonate. If you place water nearby before the bomb detonates, it will deactivate the bomb and allow you to pick it up, but the water will destroy the plants. This is a useful method of obtaining the bomb required to craft the Bomb Bag. Mining the block underneath the plant with cause the bomb to activate, and will destroy the plant. You can also make the bomb drop by hitting it with a magic boomerang, which will start the fuse but will not move the bomb. If a bomb detonates close enough to a fully grown bomb flower, it will activate the bombs from the flower too, and they will explode almost instantly.

After the Bomb Bag is obtained, you can harvest bombs by simply left clicking the activated bomb while holding the bag.

If you place a block on top of the bomb flower, it will break the plant and the bomb will activate. Same goes for covering up the lava source the bomb flower is connected to. You can't even place a non-solid block such as a slab or glass over the source, so be careful!


  • Fully grown bomb flowers seem to disappear (only visibly; the physical "block" is still there) as soon as you place the crosshairs over it, making harvesting difficult.. (Turn off/Hide NEI "Highlight tips" to fix this.


  • The Bomb Flower was inspired by the Legend of Zelda.
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