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Bone is an item added by vanilla Minecraft. Bones are easy to obtain as you can kill skeletons, find them in naturally spawned chests or from mining Fossil Ore, which have high chance to drop bones.


Bones can be made into Bonemeal which can be used to boost the growth of some type of plant, some plants in the Hexxit mod can't be boosted or have limited stage of boost (like Blueberry Bush, Blightberry Bush, which can be 'forced' to grow and multiply itself, but can't be 'forced' to ripe). You can craft hexxit gear with it. You can also right click on Grass Block with it and it will grow tall grass and various other flower. They can also be obtained by mining Bone piles.

Bone is a material for tools in Tinkers' Construct. It is also used to craft The skull sheild and the skull giant sword as well as other such equipment.