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Bow is a ranged weapon added by vanilla Minecraft. It is the primary ranged weapon in Vanilla Minecraft, and used to create the numerous variations added by the More Bows! mod. Bows can be enchanted with varying effects, none of which affect the range of the bow itself.


Right-clicking the bow in your hand with begin the drawback animation, at which the player reduced to Sneak speed. Once the bowstring is drawn back completely, the bow will shake from the tension in your hand, and you can release right-click to release the arrow. The bow uses one arrow per shot, and missed arrows (but not ones that successfully hit mobs) can be picked up from terrain and reused, unless the bow has the Infinity enchantment on it.


{{Grid/Crafting_Table |A2 = Stick |B1 = Wool |B3 = Stick |C1 = String |C2 = String |C3 = Stick


Bow can be crafted into the Reinforced Bow, Iron Bow, Golden Bow, Crystal Bow, Legia Bow, Blazing Bow and Frost Bow.

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