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Carminite Ghastguard is a mob added by the Twilight Forest mod. They appear at Dark Towers lazily roaming the exterior of the dungeon. They spawn at random and only pose a threat to players if they are outside or seen through gaps of damaged towers.

Carminite Ghastguards have irregular behaviors while hostile. Most of the time they will shoot on sight, but sometimes they just stare at the player until they approach. Unlike normal Minecraft Ghasts, Carminite Ghastguards don't move around much at all and they're silent when idle. Despite their appearance, these enemies have low attack power and direct hits from their fireballs won't even burn you. A Ghastguard's fireball can be deflected. They can drop Gunpowder, Ghast Tears, and dungeon loot such as Emerald Shards.


When a Carminite ghast is hit by its own fireball, you can see on the damage indicator that it deals 1000 damage to it. Ghasts, Carminite ghastguards, and Carminite ghastlings all take massive amounts of damage when hit by a fireball shot by one of them. If a Ghastguard with the infernal trait vengeance is hit by a fireball deflected by the player or Salamander's Eye it will kill the player(1000 damage is equal to 500 hearts, a player has 10)

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