Carminite Reactor is a new block from the Twilight Forest mod. It is a dangerous block, as when they are activated using redstone blocks on all 6 sides, they will turn green, transform all blocks within 3x3 range (with the reactor in the center) to False Gold and False Diamond, "suck up" nearby blocks, and explode, summoning 5 Carminite Ghastlings.

When activating the reactor in tower, it is recommended to step 7-10 blocks away because the reactor will destroy the floor nearby, and may kill the player that is not wearing armor or an item that can negate fall damage.

In a multiplayer server, Carminite Reactors can be used to raid or grief other players' building, because they completely obliterate any type of block or material. Carminite reactors are an expensive but very effective alternative to TNT or other such weapons. Reactors do no damage to mobs until they explode.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

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