CastleWE is a snow castle with massively tall Stone Brick walls surrounding a red roofed building inside that's just as tall as the wall. The whole castle takes up less overall area than other snow castle. , a pair of ladders leads to a hidden area with spawners and excellent loot.  There is also a lever to turn off/on the redstone lamps below.  This castle may be rarer than some of the others.   


To the right of the entrance is a set of bookshelves that looks out of place.  Behind these bookshelves is a secret room that runs the length of the castle all the way to the rounded tower section.  The long part of the room is covered with pressure plates that are wired to dispensers, most filled with arrows, but a few filled with fire charges.  In the rounded tower portion of the secret room is a giant Turtle Boss living in a pool.  The boss can be heard as a water gurgling sound while exploring the castle.

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