Armor protects you from mobs. In vannila minecraft there are 5 types which are Leather,Chain,Iron,Gold and Diamond. There are also 3 armour types in the falling meteors mod which are Frezarite(Ice),Kreknorite(Fire and the rarest of the three) and Meteorite (It magnetizes items and exp toward you if your inventory is full items will circle around you). The headband of valor is placed in your top armour slot (You know like for helmets,cap ect.)it will increase your melee damage to 2 more hearts than usual only if you aren't wearing any other armour. In the Hexxit gear mod there are another 3 sets of armour which are Tribal (which if you are on a desktop is on the left of your screen),Thief and Scale (which is on the left of your screen on a desktop). They all give special affects such as speed, strength and resistance. They all are very good and are highly recommended.

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