Biomes Unknown
Type Dungeons
Size Unknown
Added By Better Dungeons

This structure is from the Better Dungeons mod and is one of many Snow Castles.  It is mainly inhabited by about 30 Walkers, and it is often seen in snowy areas. The main buildings of this "dungeon" include a stone brick village, and two gigantic towers at the top of which can be found a set of bedrooms. There are a lot of chests and loot to take throughout the castle.  These are sometimes found near an Ice Castle.

The village

The village is exclusively made of stone bricks houses and is surrounded by stone brick walls and a ravine that delimits the area of the entire castle dungeon (result of the dungeon  default "spawning" or generation). 

In these houses can be found chests which contain food, and materials such as ingots, bookshelves, crafting tables, furnaces, cakes and last but not least pots. 

A library can also be found inside the only tower of the village, as well as a big and empty house which can be used as a storage room.

There is also a secret "room" somewhere in the village.

The castle

The only "open" access to the castle is to cross the village until you get inside the hall. At your right, you will find the church, with glazings made of glass, blue cyan wool and redstone torches.

At your left, you'll find the stairs to the upper level of the dungeon, which will lead you to more rooms all empty as well (you'll notice the sobriety of the room's decoration), until you meet the elite troups of the Walkers, in luxurious appartments inside the top floor.

The final treasure is located on top of the castle, on the roof, so if you can't manage all the fighting, just make a higher tower to reach it. You may encounter a Walker Boss at the top though, so be prepared.

TIP: If you happened to have a Spider Hook in your inventory, you will give yourself a one way trip to the boss by climbing the sides very easily.


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