The Chocobo Feather is an item added by Chococraft. Chocobo Feathers are used in most recipes found in Chococraft. Chocobo Feathers are occasionally dropped by Chocobos (similar to chickens laying eggs, except no sound plays when it occurs). Chocobo Feathers can also be acquired by killing Chocobos. If a Chocobo is Right-Clicked while holding a Chocobo Feather, it will switch through the three Chocobo movement settings, Follow, Stay, and Wander. This way, a player can change a Chocobo's movement without the use of a Chocopedia.

Though identical in shape to the Feather and Golden Feather, they are peach in color instead of white or gold. No matter the color of the Chocobo the Chocobo Feather comes from, Chocobo Feathers are always peach-colored.

Uses Edit

Chocobo Feathers are used in crafting Chocobo Saddle, Chocobo Saddle Bags, Chocobo Pack Bags, Chocopedia, Chocodisguise Helmet, Chocodisguise Body, [[Chocodisguise

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