The Chocopedia is a very valuable tool in the Chococraft mod. It is a guidebook with valuable information about both Chocobos and Chicobos and how to care for them. When a player Right-Clicks with a Chocopedia in his or her hand, it will open the Chocopedia. Chocopedias are often regarded as common and easy to find, as they can be dropped by a slain monster and atleast one can usually be found in a Battle Tower. It can also be obtained by right-clicking a Chocobo, wild or tamed, with a Book and Quill . Right-Clicking a tamed Chocobo with a Chocopedia has many valuable functions such as:

  • Naming the Chocobo
  • Changing the Chocobo's movement settings
  • Checking health and breeding status
  • Showing the gender of the Chocobo (for breeding)
  • Making the Chocobo drop gear
  • Showing or hiding the Chocobo's name
  • Showing the owner of the Chocobo


  • Chocopedias, unlike Written Books or another kind of book, can't be stored in Bibliocraft Bookcases.
  • Chocopedias are often annoying in EXP-Farms because they are unstackable, and therefore fill many inventory slots.
  • ANY kind of mob can drop them! Even villagers!
  • Mobs with numerous drops have higher chance to drop chocopedia.
  • Looting enchant can also increase chance to drop chocopedia.
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