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Clay (Item)
Clay (Item) ig
ID Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Type Unknown
Craftable Unknown
Added By Vanilla
Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Clay (Item)
For the clay block, see Clay (Block).

Clay (Item) is an item added by vanilla Minecraft. They can be obtained from destroying Clay Blocks by any means.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Red Cobblestone

Water Bucket

Water Bucket

Water Bucket



Uses Edit

It is used in crafting the Overworld Amulet, Basic Blast Wall, Reinforced Blast Wall, Industrial Blast Wall, Basic Glass Wall, Reinforced Glass Wall, Industrial Glass Wall, Camoflage Paste [sic], and Grout.


  • In real life, clay can be anywhere from reddish brown to the cool gray seen in Minecraft.
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