Cloud Boots
Cloud Boots
ID 7637
Stackable No
Type Armor
Craftable Yes
Is Loot Yes
Durability 350
Armor Pts. 1 (Armor Half)
Enchantable Yes
Smeltable No
Is Fuel No
Effects Negates fall damage
Increased jump height (5 blocks).
Duration Only while worn
Added By Better Dungeons

Cloud Boots are an armor item added by the Better Dungeons mod.  They appear as a pair of light blue and white boots with golden wings at the ankles.  While worn, Cloud Boots will increase the player's jump height from one block to 5 blocks and prevent all fall damage. The player can however crouch while jumping and wearing the cloud boots to only jump a normal one - block high jump. When jumping, the boots emit a cloud particle effect.  Unlike Whirlwind boots, usage of the Cloud Boots' special properties (jumping higher/taking no fall damage) does not decrease the boots' durability.  Cloud Boots can be found as rare loot in dungeon chests.  Traveling while wearing Cloud Boots makes covering any terrain quickly almost effortless.

Better Dungeons - Cloud Boots - Jump

Jumping with the Cloud Boots. Look closely and you'll see particles.


Crafting GUI.png

Golden Feather

Golden Feather

Golden Feather

Golden Feather

Cloud Boots


  • The player can move faster on a Chocobo by constantly jumping while wearing Cloud Boots.
  • Combined with the Peacock Feather Fan, it is possible to jump up to 19 blocks into the air.
  • This number is also increased if you jump with a mob on a Spider Hook.
  • It seems that Cloud Boots will allow the player to jump higher at random while looking a Twilight Forest Map in the Twilight Forest. (Verification Needed)
  • If the Particles option in Video Settings is set to Minimal, the puffy white particles from jumping cannot be seen.
  • Cloud Boots are effective for scaling large structures and geographical features such as mountains.
  • If wearing Cloud Boots, the player's jumping horizontal velocity will be the same as their ground velocity. Normal jumps are slower horizontally than running horizontally.
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