Coconuts are round, brown fruits found on the leaves of beach biome palm trees. A coconut can be placed on a crafting table with a sword to receive a Coconut Seed, Coconut Shell, and a Coconut Milk Fragment. This uses the sword's durability as if you had hit a mob with it once.

Coconut seeds can then be planted on palm logs, similarly to Cocoa Beans on jungle logs.


You can 'cut' coconut in crafting table.

Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Sword


Coconut Seed

Which will become the following in the crafting table when you pull out the seed

Crafting GUI.png

Coconut Milk Fragment

Wooden Sword -1

Coconut Shell


  • Whole coconut is item form, while Coconut is the block form (when planted on palm tree).
  • Whole coconuts, inconveniently, don't stack.


  • Without using crafting table, the Coconut Milk Fragment and Coconut Shell will not appear.
  • When opened, a sword will go past its maximum uses. (E.g. a gold sword, maximum 32 uses has gone to 44 uses without breaking)
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