Hexxit uses the standard vanilla Minecraft controls, but additional hotkeys are added through mods found in Hexxit. These hotkeys are generally found under the main menu, or escape menu's Options window under "Controls" however, Inventory Tweaks and Not Enough Items have different means to finding out and modifying their hotkeys.

Non-Configurable Controls Edit

These keys are used within the game but cannot be changed through options.

Added By Key Description
Vanilla Mouse Move Used for moving the camera around for placing blocks, aiming.
Vanilla Mouse 3 Scroll Used for scrolling through the quick bar.
Vanilla Esc Used to open the menu and gives the player cursor control. Will pause single-player games and closes any open GUI. Closes the chat/command window.
Vanilla F1 Toggles the HUD. Used in conjunction with F2, can take screenshots without the HUD.
Vanilla F3 Toggles the debug information. Keys 1 - 9 can show different details on the graph, where 0 shows a less detailed graph.

While holding F3, pressing

  • S - will reload all web based client resources.
  • A - will reload all chunks
  • T - will reload all textures. Useful for resource pack editors.
  • F - will change render distance closer until resetting to far.
  • ⇧ Shift & F - will change render distance farther until resetting to close.
  • P - toggles auto-pause when game loses focus.
  • H - toggles detailed item descriptions such as durability, ID and damage value.
  • C - after being held for 6 seconds, will crash the game on purpose after keys are released.
  • B - toggles hitbox around entities.
Vanilla F4 Disables any shaders.
Vanilla F11 Toggles full-screen mode.
Vanilla ⇧ Shift With inventory open, will move stacks of items between hotbar and inventory. If a chest is open, will move stacks between inventory and chest. If a furnace is open, will move stacks from and two the furnace. When used with crafting, will craft as many of that item as possible. In creative, clicking on the red delete field clears entire inventory. In the multiplayer server window, using and will shift the server in the list.

Configurable Controls Edit

These keys can be changed by going into the "Options..." screen and clicking on "Controls..."

Added By Key Configuration Name Description
Vanilla Mouse 1 DIE Used to break blocks by holding down, attacking, and splitting stacks by dragging it.
Vanilla Mouse 2 Use Item/Place Block Places blocks, one item from a stack, toggles switches, doors, charging bows, blocking with swords or swapping to a shield. Use chests, eat food, drink potions...
Vanilla Mouse 3 Pick Block Switches to block being looked at, as long as it is avilable in quick bar. In creative mode, it will place the block into the quickbar if it isn't already present.
Vanilla W Walk Forwards Move forward. Will cause player to sprint when pressed twice in succession.
Vanilla A Strafe Left strafe left.
Vanilla S Walk Backwards Move backwards.
Vanilla D Strafe Right Strafe right.
Vanilla Spacebar Jump Jump. When tapped twice, will enable flying and will cause the player to go higher if held when flying.
Vanilla ⇧ Left Shift Sneak Sneak. When flying, will cause the player to go lower when held. Allows placement of blocks on items that would open a GUI.
Vanilla E Inventory Open the inventory and can close any open GUI similar to Esc.
Vanilla Q Drop Item Drops picked item. Will only drop a single item if more than one exists in the stack. Using Ctrl+Q will drop a stack of items.
Vanilla 1 - 9 Hotbar Slot Select the appropriate quickbar item.
Vanilla T Open Chat Opens chat for server commands or communication with other players. Will also switch to the search tab in creative mode.
Vanilla / Open Command Opens the chat window with the "/" character already present.
Vanilla Tab ↹ List Players In multiplayer, holding the tab key shows a list of online players and their latency. In the chat window, cycles through available commands/arguments.
Vanilla F2 Take Screenshot Creates a screenshot of the current camera view and places it by default in:

%appdata%\.technic\hexxit\screenshots on Windows.

Vanilla F5 Toggle Perspective Cycles between first-person, third-person and front third-person camera views.
Vanilla Unknown Toggle Cinematic Camera Toggles mouse smoothing.
Tinkers' Construct O Armor Gui Opens the armor tab added by Tinkers' Construct.
Damage Indicators . Reposition Mob Portrait Changes the location that the Damage Indicators portrait is shown.
B Open Backpack
Map Writer M Open Map GUI Opens the large map view for Map Writer. Press again to close.
Map Writer N Next Map Mode Cycles through the map waypoints found on the large map.
Map Writer , Next Marker Group Cycles through the map marker groups in the large map view.
Map Writer . Teleport to Marker Teleports to the given marker in the large map view. Teleporting disabled by default in Map Writer.
Map Writer Prior Map Zoom In Zooms the minimap, or large map, view in.
Map Writer Next Map Zoom Out Zooms the minimap, or large map, view out.
Unknown Backslash Change OneWayBlock face Unknown

Inventory Tweaks Edit

In order to access Inventory Tweaks hotkeys, the player must be in a world and open a supported inventory screen. In the top right is a button with an ellipsis (...) on it. Clicking this will bring up the options for Inventory Tweaks. From here, the keys assigned can be found by clicking the button with the question mark (?) next to the "Shortcuts: ON" or "Shortcuts: OFF" button. These keys cannot be changed without externally editing a configuration file.

Not Enough Items Edit

In order to access NEI hotkeys, the player must be in a world and open a supported inventory screen. In the bottom left is the button with "Options" on it (For those who cannot see the NEI interface, press O to toggle it on/off). After clicking on the options button, a "Controls" button will be available in the center bottom portion of the screen, just above the "Done" button. The NEI hotkeys can be changed using this screen.

Key Configuration Name Description
R Recipe Will show the recipes used to create the item that the mouse is hovered over when the key is pressed. This key conflicts with Inventory Tweaks auto-sort.
U Usage Will show what items the hovered item is used in when the key is pressed.
Back Previous Recipe Unknown
X Enchantment When used in the inventory screen, with cheats enabled, will allow the player to enchant items for free with appropriate enchantments up to level tn (X).
P Potion Unknown
Prior Prev Page Will go back a page when looking at an items recipe or usage screen.
Next Next Page Will go forward a page when looking at an items recipes or usage screen.
F9 Chunk Overlay Will toggle a grid showing chunk boundaries, when pressed again will toggle a block grid with the boundaries and then will be off.
F7 Mob Spawn Overlay Will toggle a grid over blocks showing if a mob can spawn (red) at any time, during the night (yellow) or not at all (shows nothing)
L Recipe Lists Unknown


  • Damage Indicators' reposition mob portrait will still appear if the key is pressed while chatbox is open. Controls are listed above with extra mods information.