Cotton seed

A Cotton seed on an item frame

Cotton stages (resized)

Cotton plant in all stages from left (fully grown) to right (just planted).

Cotton is one of the plants from the Natura mod. It is used to make string and wool, string being made by a row of 3 cotton and wool by a 3x3 square of cotton.

An important note is that once a cotton plant grows, harvesting it is non-destructive. After obtaining cotton from a fully mature plant, it will generate more cotton after a short period of time, with no need to replant, similar to a pumpkin or melon stem.

However, if you do destroy it, it will drop cotton seeds, sometimes more than one (2+), which is useful if you do not want to have to find more long grass or cotton in the wild.

Farming Edit

Creating a space efficient farm area for Cotton can be done by placing a water source down, and tilling four blocks out on each side, and form a square. Place Cotton Seeds on the tilled land and each full harvest will obtain 80 Cotton items.

To speed up production of Cotton, a cotton plant can be matured completely using Bone Meal, and harvested if it doesn't reach the pink flower plant form, and can be repeated over and over again until the pink flower state happens. Using this method, one can use the Bone Meal on the plant over and over again, using when necessary and harvesting Cotton as it appears. It is recommended to have multiple plants or prepare to wait until the flower state is finished and the plant may be picked.

Notes Edit

  • It is unknown if this is a bug, but attempting to Bone Meal the plant with the pink flowers, it will fail to do anything.
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