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Creeper is a mob added by vanilla Minecraft, and it comes in many varieties throughout Hexxit, but ultimately all have the same effect: devastating. The basic green creeper will walk in the direction of the player, and puff up and self-destruct, destroying blocks and dealing damage depending on the radius of the blast, and how close the player is to the blast. Creepers can be avoided by using knockback weapons, shooting them or rushing them before they can explode.

Creeper in a ravine.

If a creeper is struck by lightning it will become a charged creeper, with a much larger blast radius and explosive power. Supercharged creepers are very rare but can be identified by the blue static 'aura' that emanates off them. Don't let them get too close, if the blast does not kill you the fall damage will.

Infernal Creepers are even more deadly for if the player fails to prevent their self-destruct, it's explosion is more deadly, it also will inflict status damage, if they have any infernal power that do so. Moreover, it does not drop any loot if they self-destruct.

When killed a creeper will usually drop several gunpowder which can be converted into, but are not limited to, TNT.

Fighting Strategies[edit | edit source]

Since creepers can deal lethal damage at close range, it is advised that whenever a creeper is close, you run. Don't try and get a 'free hit'. Once you are a safe distance away, either take it out from a distance (using a bow, traps, walls, etc.) or force it to blow up.

A creeper will walk up right next to you and try and explode. If you sprint, you will get far enough away that it stops detonating and starts chasing you again. However, for the regular creeper, the explosion radius is slightly smaller than the point at which it stops exploding. If you stand in that area the creeper will blow up with little/no damage to you.

If you cannot escape to this range in time, block with a sword or shield (negating some damage)

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