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Cutlass in-game

The Cutlass is a secret weapon from the Tinker's Construct mod. It has a chance to do a 10% increased damage on a critical hit (not the vanilla critical hit). It also does high damage, in general, without the crit.


You craft the cutlass by using a Tool Station. It requires a sword blade, tool rod, and a full guard. The Full Guard pattern can only be found inside pattern chests spawned in special NPC village houses. You can create it on the longsword tab.


  • The Cutlass is one of 3 'secret' weapons, and the only one craftable.
  • The Cutlass is the only Tinker's Construct weapon to require a pattern that needs to be found, not created.
  • It is also the only weapon to share the same tab as another weapon.
  • It looks like Cutlass uses same sprite as Lumber Axe, both are from same mod.
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