For Tinker's Construct daggers, see Dagger (Tinkers' Construct).

The Dagger is a weapon added by Better Dungeons. It can be crafted and comes in a variety of material types. Daggers are, as one would imagine, weaker than their sword counterparts of the same material. Both are seeming to have nearly the same damage output as a stone (For iron) and iron (For diamond) swords, albeit more durable, respectively. You cannot make a Better Dungeon dagger out of wood or stone. Most weapons have a much higher damage output, and daggers are mainly more for aesthetic purposes or roleplaying situations (Such as if there was some type of ritual sacrifice or a cult on a server.) when a lot more players favor their larger cousins for longer expeditions into the wild unknown to protect themselves from the many dangers that lurk in the shadows.

It acts exactly like a vanilla sword, if only shorter. Holding right click (Or whatever you have Use bound to) will hold up the dagger in front of you, halving the damage received from the front.

Daggers are commonly found in chests of most Better Dungeons mod dungeons.

Iron Dagger Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot


Iron Dagger (Better Dungeons)

Diamond Dagger Edit

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png



Diamond Dagger (Better Dungeons)


  • A dagger from the Better Dungeons mod can be place onto a Sword Pedestal, but it will float above the pedestal vertically. This is because it bases the sword pommel at the same point every time for any weapon, and the blade is much shorter than other weapons.


  • When any of the Daggers from the Better Dungeons mod are used while in Creative mode, durability is consumed.
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