Dark Forest map view

View of the dark forest on the map.

The Dark Forest is a biome in the Twilight Forest mod.

Darkwood trees cover the sky in this biome, rendering the ground permanently dark, unless the trees are removed.  This results in dangerous levels of mob spawnings. Dark Towers can only be found here.  Water pools will generate in treetops, and Darkwood Trees can be found on Slime Islands overhead as well.

2013-08-26 11.41.05

Inside the dark forest.


In the Dark forest you can find Bats, FirefliesMist Wolves,King Spiders, and most hostile mobs.  Mist Wolves and King Spiders are exclusive to this biome.


Dark Towers can occasionally be found projecting from the ground.  Owing to the great density of trees, the Dark Forest has few generated structures.  Hollow Hills are an exception.

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