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For the Twilight Forest version, see Darkwood (Twilight Forest).

A Darkwood tree in the Nether

Darkwood is a material added by the Natura mod. Spawning only in the Nether, the Darkwood Tree is dark blue in color with dark blue leaves that have green and white flowers, and is the same size as an oak tree. When chopped down, the Darkwood Tree drops Darkwood Saplings and sometimes Potash Apples. These apples can be farmed by only breaking the flowers in the leaves after they turn white, at which point they have a higher chance of dropping apples.

Darkwood can only be grown on Tainted Soil.


The wood can be turned into wooden planks which can make sticks, Darkwood door and Darkwood tools (Sword, Pickaxe, etc.). Darkwood sticks can be used to craft a Darkwood Bow.