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ID 1002
Stackable Yes(64)
Type Redstone
Craftable Yes
Light Emitted none
Smeltable No
Smelting Time N/A
Is Fuel no
Burnable no
Added By Artifice

Detector is a block added by the Artifice mod. It sends a redstone pulse whenever a block update happens.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png



Basic Frame




Usage Edit

Detector is a BUD Switch, Detectors may be used as a flicker device for lighting, without the need of an unstable redstone torch. Two or more Detectors with repeaters between each other can act as a semi-random clock mechanism that will never burn out.

Farming Edit

Since Detector can be used to detect block updates, this may be combined with redstone and pistons to make automatic Sugar Cane, Pumpkin, and Melon farms.

With a redstone counter, this can also make an automatic Wheat and other multi-stage crop farm but it wouldn't be able to auto-replant.

Notes Edit

  • When creating a line of Detectors, placing Detectors after placing connecting Redstone can prevent an issue with Detectors constantly updating each other. To circumvent this issue entirely, it is best not to place Detectors next to each other or between delays in a connecting loop.