Dimensions is an area with specific generation rules. In Hexxit, there are the four major dimensions and one minor dimension that contains a lot of possibilities from Dimensional Doors.

Overworld Edit

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The overworld is the main dimension the player enters a new world into and contains the most biome types, mobs, and is most commonly the dimension used for player bases.

Nether Edit

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The nether is the second dimension that most players go to, containing mostly hostile mobs. It is full of Lava and Netherrack. The terrain is often generated in layers.

The End Edit

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The end is the final dimension that vanilla Minecraft introduces and is home to Endermen and the Ender Dragon. It consists of a single floating island made of End Stone.

Twilight Forest Edit

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Twilight Forest is a dimension added by a mod of the same name, and consists of a lot of forest based biomes, unique dungeons and bosses.

Pocket Dimensions Edit

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Pocket Dimensions are added by Dimensional Doors. They are small rooms with nothing but blackness. These dimensions can often be found with pre-made dungeons when going through a pocket dungeon.

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