Ectoplasm (Mob)
Harken Scythe - Ectoplasm (Mob)
Health Unknown
Damage Unknown
Armor Unknown
Aggression Hostile
Added By Harken Scythe

Ectoplasm is a mob added by Harken Scythe that looks very much like a green slime that is created when a Soul Crucible filled with souls is destroyed. The amount of souls that were in the crucible corresponds with the size of the Ectoplasm.

You may right-click the Ectoplasm with an empty Essence Keeper or an Essence Vessel to fill it with souls. This splits the Ectoplasm into smaller Ectoplasms until it disappears, and the Keeper/Vessel will then have the same amount of souls that the crucible originally had.

One should also be aware that if they kill a spectral miner. Several ectoplasms will spawn where it was killed.

Ectoplasms can be distinguished from normal slimes by their contracting animation; in the above picture, it is at full compression. This is similar to the Magma Cube's spring-like behavior.


It is hostile and will attack the player. Like with normal slimes, the Ectoplasm will NOT do damage if it is a 'Size 1' Ectoplasm. Size 2 and Size 3 Ectoplasms WILL do damage to the player, the amount depending on the size of the mob.