The Electric Staff is an item added by Better Dungeons that allows the player to lunge forward by right-clicking while holding it. The Electric Staff allows for choppy flight at the expense of durability by holding down right-click, making scaling structures such as Battle Towers a faster and safer process.

Using the Electric Staff will reset fall damage calculations; when used during a free fall, the player will take damage only for the distance dropped after having used the staff. The staff can also be used for escaping the large swaths of monsters that typically crowd the player during dungeons.

In addition to crafting, mid- to high-tier Better Dungeons chests and mobs may yield an Electric Staff.

Equipped Electric Staff.

The player "flying" using an Electric Staff.

Crafting[edit | edit source]


Electric Essence

Electric Staff

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As is the case with many other items, various Enchantments can be applied to the Electric Staff via Enchanting Plus. The Electric Staff can be enchanted for free. Enchantments like "unbreaking" and "soul tether" can be very usefull.
    • Unbreaking and Soul Tether are the only enchantments that actually affect the Electric Staff and don't cost any levels.
  • A server will have flying disabled automatically and will kick players who try to use the staff in quick succession. To enable it, open the "" file and set the "allow-flying=false" to true.
  • The staff can be used in Creative Mode to fly faster than normal.
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