Electric Staff is an item added by Better Dungeons that allows you to lunge forward by right clicking with it i

Electric staff

Equipped Electric Staff.

n your hand. If you hold down the right mouse button and point in the air, you can essentially fly, although the durability will run out very quickly. This makes it useful for climbing battle towers and other tall structures. You will not take fall damage when using this staff, but it won't protect you from fall damage from other sources. (Keeping it in the hotbar is not sufficient.) The staff can also be used in Creative Mode to fly faster than normal. Also, you will phase through mobs when you use the staff, allowing you to effectively ignore a group of enemies if the ground is flat enough, and get to safety or treasure.


The Electric Staff can be crafted by combining a Staff and an Electric Essence in a crafting table. This is a shapeless recipe.

Crafting GUI.png

Electric Essence


Electric Staff


  • When enchanting an Electric Staff with the Unbreaking enchant, the Electric Staff will last longer.
  • Unbreaking III enchant is the only enchant that actually affects the Electric Staff.
  • Unbreaking III doesn't cost any levels.
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