Empty Vial
Xeno's Reliquary - Empty Vial
ID 6414:11
Stackable Yes (16)
Type Materials
Craftable Yes
Is Loot No
Enchantable No
Smeltable No
Is Fuel No
Tooltip An empty vial for
condensed potions.
Added By Xeno's Reliquary

Empty Vial is an item added by Xeno's Reliquary which is the most basic item for creating Elixirs.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Glass Pane

Glass Pane

Glass Pane

Glass Pane

Glass Pane

Empty Vial



Empty Vial can be filled with a water to make a Vial of Ordinary Water, which can be used to make Condensed Splash Serum and/or Condensed Solvent for use in condensed potions or splash vials.

Right-clicking on the source will not deplete the source, even after a stack (16) of vials.


The empty vial is a required ingredient in crafting the Xeno's Reliquary mod potions which include:

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