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Enchanted Forest - Overlook
Enchanted Forest - Questing Ram

Enchanted Forest is a biome found in the Twilight Forest. It is a fairly rare biome and is the only one known to cause color changing features in Hexxit. The Enchanted Forest is often home to the Questing Ram. The colors change based on block and chunk updates. The colors are in shades of blue and green. There are many types of plant life and often many rivers or small streams found in the Enchanted Forest. The trees are the same ones found in other common biomes found in the Twilight Forest, except for the Rainbow Oak Tree that has rainbow colored leaves.

It is often hard to mistake an Enchanted Forest biome due to the color changing properties of it but is not easy to spot using the map as the map does not update any colors and goes with the default green overlay for the biome. However, the biome could be found using the full minimap display and using the cursor to see what biome an area is.

The enchanted also has a super rare chance to be in the overworld as i have found one.

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Notes Edit

  • Minimap will not show changes of color.
  • This area can cause quite a bit of lag due to color changing terrain and the loading/unloading of massive trees and blocks.

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