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Enchantment Table
Enchantment Table
ID Unknown
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Added By Vanilla

An Enchantment Table is a block added by vanilla Minecraft that allows players to enchant certain tools, and armor. Enchanting works in three stages. Each enchantment costs the player experience levels but in return grants useful enhancements to armor and tools. The sprites and icons of enchanted items have a purple shine

The table will enchant swords, bows, shovels, pickaxes, shields, scythes, and armors of any material, some requires anvil, though. The hoe and shears cannot be enchanted by the enchantment table and require an anvil and an appropriate enchanted book. Tools made in the Tinkers' Construct mod cannot be enchanted.

The enchantment table is 0.75 blocks high. 

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png








Enchantment Table

Because of Hexxit's increased generation of ores it can be much easier to mine for the diamonds required for the Enchantment Table.


When the player right-clicks on an enchantment table, he or she may be presented with a screen different from Vanilla's enchantment UI; this is caused by the Enchanting Plus mod. On the left is the player's level, the overall cost of the enchantments being put into the item, and the highest potential level of enchanting based on the amount of bookshelves surrounding the table. After the player places an item in the enchanting slot, a list of potential enchantments pops up on the right depending on the type of item placed on the table. Each enchantment has a slider which the player can manipulate to increase or decrease the level of enchantment applied (For instance, moving the slider for Fortune all the way to the right will enchant the item with Fortune III. Leaving it all the way to the left installs nothing). As in Vanilla, certain enchantments will have only one level (i.e. Silk Touch) or are mutually exclusive (i.e. Smite vs Bane of Arthropods). Increasing the level of each enchantment raises the overall cost.

When the player is finished adjusting the sliders and is ready to enchant their item, they can finalize the enchantment by pressing the E button located below the item slot. If the player wants to repair the item, they can choose to press the R button. The repair button will only work on some enchanted items. When the enchantment is applied to the item, the number of levels required is subtracted from the player's current level.

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