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This page is about the Ender backpack added by the Better Storage mod, not the one added by the Backpacks mod.

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The Ender Backpack is a new item added by Better Storage mod. They act as a regular normal sized backpack, however anything placed into the ender backpack will be synchronized with any items in your ender chest.

Like regular backpacks, you cannot place another backpack within the Ender backpack, however you can place backpacks within your Ender chest, which will then show up in your Ender backpack. Whilst they can be taken out of the Ender backpack, they cannot be placed back into it via the backpack once they have been taken out.

A Frienderman who just picked up an ender chest and dropped his backpack.

Enderman with a backpack on top of Darkwood (Twilight Forest) trees


Enderman with backpack

Like other backpacks, the Ender backpack cannot be enchanted.

If a player dies whilst holding the Ender backpack, the backpack will be placed on the block the player died on.  However, any items stored in the backpack will still be saved and available via the player's Ender chest.

As with the Ender chest, if another player picks up or attempts to open your Ender backpack, it will show them the contents of their Ender chest or backpack, rather than the contents of yours, so your content will remain safe.

To get the ender backpack, the player must place an ender chest near the frienderman until he picks up the chest, rather than the backpack. He will then put the backpack down and pick up the chest.


  • The entity name for the Ender backpack-carrying Enderman is Frienderman.