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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the Asgard Shield mod.

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Ender shield and gilded one

Ender Shield and the Gilded counterpart

Ender Shield is an item added by the Asgard Shields mod. The shield can be crafted or found in the chests of Battle Towers.

Ender Shields have a durability of 435. While it is being held, it provides a passive damage resistance of 20%.

The Ender Shield's special perk is Teleport Displace. While holding up the shield, there is a 20% chance that an attacker will be teleported away when they attack.

Note: When using the Ender Shield blocking a Tower Golems fireball may crash the game

The Ender Shield's weakness is Ender Damage. The Ender Shield provides no protection against Endermen or the Ender Dragon.


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Eye of Ender





Ender Shield

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